2018/2019 Kindergarten Pre-Screening will be held Monday 4/16/18
Please call 618-548-2416 to schedule an appointment
You will need to bring the following items to the screening:
           1.) Birth Certificate
           2.) SS#
           3.) Shot Record
           4.) 2 forms of residency verification (1 form from each category)

Category I (one document establishing property within the District)

a. Most recent property tax bill (homeowners)

b. Mortgage papers (homeowners)

c. Deed

d. Signed and dated lease and proof of last two months’ payments if lease is not at its inception (canceled check or receipts required) (renters).

e. Housing letter (military personnel)

f. Letter from manager and proof of last two month’s payments (canceled checks or receipts required) (renters or trailer park residents)

g. An agreement of sale for a residential property located within the District, signed by the seller and parent/ custodian as buyer, which recites a closing date prior to the first day of attendance (new residents).

h. Notarized affidavit of residency from the resident owner of property within the District where the parent/custodian of the child is living with the owner at no cost (those living with relatives or others).


Category II (one document establishing an address within the district)

a. Driver’s license                                                         e. Voter registration

b. Vehicle registration                                                 f. Most recent utility bill and/or credit card bill

c. Current public aid card                                           g. Current homeowner/renter’s insurance policy

d. Current library card and premium payment receipt.